Launched in 1987, the TRU tapered pipe coupling provides fast and easy assembly for a wide range of medium-high pressure pipe jointing applications. It is  generally more economical than welded, threaded or flanged pipe joints, offering total installed cost savings of 10%- 60% compared with these alternatives.

In addition to its standard product line, Hydromine Valves offers suitable steel fittings, special couplings, expansion joints and valves for specialized industrial process applications. The TRUtapered pipe coupling is used for a variety of industrial, commercial and institutional
piping systems.

The TRU tapered pipe coupling is patented by SA patents 2004/0852, 89/2677.


Assembled as one and inseparable during transport, handling, installation and maintenance.

Clamping pipes together by a single bolt.

Coupling’s symmetrical structure causes even load on the joint’s components under pressure conditions.

Can be supplied with lifting eye-bolts, to enable the easy installation of heavy clamping assembly.


The hubs create the pipes engagement when brought together by the clamps. The taper angle of 15 degrees , combined with smoothed taper surfaces, enables a powerful engagement force with minimum required bolting torque.