eDart is the manufacturer of the external single eDart valve. The valve is optimised for fine control of slurry flow from one flotation machine to the next. The single eDart has a customisable body and flange orientations to suit any plant.


  • Plug and seat – polyurethane or other approriate wear resistant material (e.g.UHMWPE).
  • Patented bellows seal – non-sliding sealing arrangement
  • Body – rubber lined mild steel
  • eDart actuators


  • 100mm to 500mm


  • The bottom port can be orientated at any discrete angle (determined by the number of bolts) by rotating it on the flange
  • Full or reduced bore for the plug and seat
  • Smart (HART, Profibus), Electro-Pneumatic (4-20mA) or Pneumatic (20-100kPa) Positioner choices
  • Bias Spring Fail Closed, Fail Fixed or Double Acting Actuator Options


  • Body fully customised to plant layout
  • Valve can be fully serviced in situ
  • Simple maintenance: All internal wearing parts can be inspected and/or replaced without removing the valve body from the process line
  • Anti-Rotation Device
  • Stroke Indication


  • Due to the valves flexible orientation, it is ideal for plant retrofits
  • Flotation level contro