July 7, 2010

Mine water control valves rated to 25MPa maximum pressure:

  • Mine water pump discharge valve
  • Mine water safety shutdown valve – a general safety valve, the mine water safety shutdown valve is activated by an analogue switch, and does not require an external actuator being powered by the line fluid pressure
  • Energy dissipater – tailor made, often used together with the shock prevention valve fitted immediately after the mine water pump discharge valve on high pressure vertical or inclined systems. The energy dissipater is used in open end applications and designed to reduce upstream pressure to a set downstream pressure at a designated flow rate
  • The shock prevention valve can be used on high pressure vertical or inclined systems to prevent water hammer occurrence as well as used as a column drain valve allowing cavitation free draining of the pump discharge column.
  • Mine water pressure reducing valve – offering fixed reduction ratio irrespective of flow rate or constant downstream pressure. This mine water pressure reducing valve has a non-slam arrangement which gradually reduces the valve’s flow rate during the last 30 to 35% of closure – thereby minimising water hammer too.
  • Mine water pressure relief valve – with adjustable set point, both nitrogen or spring charged options of this mine water pressure relief valve are ideal for surge relief applications
  • Mine water non return valve – opens instantaneously when the pump starts working and gradually closes at a speed controlled by the valve speed control orifice. This mine water non-return valve features spring assisted closing and can be installed in both vertical and horizontal positions.
  • High pressure pipe couplings and high pressure expansion joints rated to 25MPa maximum pressure.
  • High pressure expansion joints used as a thermal compensator in air and water lines up to DN600
  • Vertical shaft couplings are used to connect high pressure pipes in a vertical shaft column. These vertical shaft couplings are available in DN50 to DN1000 and incorporate a pipe support offering individual support for each pipe length running down the shaft.
  • U Cone pipe couplings – ANSI B31.3 design code in cast steel featuring ST52 hubs butt-welded to the pipes with a cast steel B3100 Grade 2 clamp with a pressure assisted cap sealing arrangement between the adjoining hub ends. U Cone pipe couplings are supplied with hubs prepared for standard butt welding to pipes.
  • Tru tapered pipe couplings – complies with ASME boiler & pressure vessel code Section VIII and ASME 31.3. The patented Tru tapered pipe couplings are a hinged pipe clamping system with single bolt assembly offering fast and easy assembly for a wide range of medium and high pressure piping applications.