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Slurry Control Valve

Dual Valves Australasia supplies the specialist mining industry with mining valve and pipe couplings. Our industrial-grade slurry and mine water valve products are safe and simple to operate. They offer our clients outstanding performance and excellent value. Contact our team by calling +61 8 9302 2601 to learn more about our diverse set of offerings.

We supply OEM valve equipment and spares from our Principals – Dual Products international (DPI), eDart Slurry Valves and Hydromine Projects. In fact, we’re their exclusive agent for Australia, New Zealand and the greater Asia Pacific region. Thanks to Dual Valves Australasia, our Principals’ range of patented slurry control valves has been available throughout Australia for over a decade. And we add new clients from across Asia Pacific on a regular basis.

Background on Dual Products International

Dual Products International bring extensive experience in the design and manufacture of specialised valves – from high pressure slurry isolation Rotary Disc valves, combination ball check and isolation valves and Tech-Taylor™ style double non-return valves to slurry air release valves and vacuum breaker valves and more.

Dual Products International (DPI) bring a multitude of experience in the design and manufacture of specialized slurry handling valves for both high pressure and high wear applications – developed through decades of manufacturing valve solutions for the multitude of deep mine dewatering and surface slurry valve issues in mining environments throughout the world. DPI design and manufacture their patented range of valves themselves – holding TUV ISO 9001:2008 Certification No: 01 100 8280063 in the design, manufacture and supply of valves.

Background on Hydromine Projects

Hydromine Projects is a supplier of exclusive hi-tech equipment for high pressure water reticulation systems and fluid control applications in underground mining environments. Hydromine is the sole agent for the Hydrocore™ (formerly NGD™) range. End users mine’s requirements are assessed by Hydromine, who then prepare the most efficient system for its water reticulation and control. A consignment stock of over 90% manufactured basic valves and couplings is received from Hydrocore™ to minimise lead times and optimise stock holdings. Modifications are made and the valves and couplings completed to suit clients’ needs. This is carried out to Hydrocore™ specifications and under their license. Operating in some of the deepest mines in the world located in South Africa since 1990, over 25 years of hard won experience with high pressure installations has equipped these companies with both the intimate knowledge and the confidence to continue manufacture and supply of this cutting-edge valve and coupling equipment for the most demanding needs within the mining industry.

Background on eDart Slurry Valves

eDart Slurry Valves provide specialist and customisable slurry control valves for the mineral processing industry. They design/manufacture their own dart valves with standard and customised designs for new layouts or retrofits to existing plants. Their primary market is the fine control of slurry flow: flotation level control, inline slurry flow control, smart splitter/feed distribution box level control, etc. Plug shapes have been designed using CFD techniques to approximate a linear flow characteristic, and can be programmed effectively into the eDART Dual Valve Controller. Other products include slurry samplers, dosing valves, pinch valves and air cylinders for valve actuation. Application design services using their 3D CFD program and CADD packages are also offered to analyze flows and optimise valving, sumps and piping designs in these circuits.

Browse the Selection of Slurry and Mine Water Valves Available from Dual Valves Australasia

We stock and sell a wide selection of slurry and mine water valves, slurry samplers and high pressure pipe couplings. Our primary focus is on slurry and mine water valves that were developed by our Principals for mining applications – however, we also feature other products in our catalogue.

Here is an overview of the manufacturers that are featured in our portfolio:

Dual Abrasive Slurry Handling Valves

Dual has spent the last three decades manufacturing slurry valves for the mining industry. They constantly revise and improve upon their designs, to the extent that their abrasion resistant valves are now widely consider to be amongst the best in the world. The Dual portfolio includes Tech-Taylor™ style double non-return valves, their own design Dashley double ball check valves, the slurry air release valve & vacuum breaker, their Rotary Disc Valves, the DUAL ball check with isolation lockout valve and much more. Dual’s range of abrasive slurry handling valves are exported from South Africa all over the world, with orders shipped to 50 countries so far and counting.

eDART Slurry Control Valves

eDART are world leaders and specialists in the design and manufacture of slurry dart valves. We sell and stock an extensive range of their products, including dart valves, actuators, dosing valves, pinch valves, slurry samplers and much more. The eDart line of control valves and slurry samplers are the direct result of decades of research and experience in the mining industry. They offer long-lasting solutions and have become a market leader in slurry control valves in mineral flotation circuits and other areas – along with all of the specialist equipment that is used alongside these valves.

Hydromine Control Valves

These valves are experts in applying reliable and robust high pressure (up to 250 Bar) mine water control valves that are both efficient and extremely simple to use. Hydrocore™ isolation valves are hydraulically balanced and do not require torque assistance other than standard actuators. Their patented safety shut down system applies tailor made designs incorporating their NGD™ mine water shock prevention valve, Hydrocore™ isolation valves and NGD™ energy dissipaters to prevent water hammer in pipe columns occurring upon tripping of pump stations or abrupt pump shut-downs. Their pump station automation package offers a combination of valves to allow automatic opening of pump discharge valves on pump start up and automatic closing upon pump stoppage or tripping (including the prevention of water hammer), the maintaining of sufficient pump discharge pressure (regardless of operating conditions) to prevent pump flow surge condition and reduce wear on the pump’s balancing disc, together with the obvious cost savings enjoyed through minimised damage and ongoing maintenance costs. Their pressure reducing stations (PRS) usually are of skid mounted dual leg design offering a duty and standby leg including strainers, isolation valves and direct ratio pressure reducing valves designed (often in two stages) to achieve and maintain required downstream pressure. A pressure relief valve is installed on the PRS outlet.

Hydrocore™ High-Pressure Couplings

U-Cone, Thercom and TRU and Hydrocore™ Coupling range of high-pressure couplings are available in variations of both weld-on as well as wrap-around designs employing grooved pipe ends. Rated up to a maximum design pressure of 200 Bar (DN50 up to DN150) and 160 Bar up to DN300 – Hydrocore™ couplings are incredibly easy to use. They ship fully assembled (without any loose parts), so all that’s needed is to weld on or wrap the coupling around the end of the pipe – and then tighten it down. The resulting coupling is much tighter than a traditional flange, which serves to reduce the expense of purchasing couplings.

Dual Valves Australasia: A Proud Supplier of Mining Equipment in Asia Pacific

If you would like to learn more about our line of products, as well as how they are being innovatively applied to modern mining operations, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll draw upon our extensive network of experts and help you leverage the collective knowledge of our expert team. We’ll work together with you to secure a bright and prosperous future for the mining industry in Asia Pacific.